Online Giving

Thank you for your support!

We are so grateful that you have considered contributing to Foundation Church and the ministry we are doing! If you are planning to give digitally here are two things that will be helpful to know:

  1. We use a platform called PushPay. They are a third-party payment processing company with the most up-to-date security in the field of digital giving. That is why we chose to use them, because we can trust them. When you click the "Give Now" button you will be sent our page on their site.
  2. You will quickly notice that the name on our giving page is still Center Church. If you did not know, in April 2023 we began the process of legally changing our name to Foundation Church. One of those changes is updating our name with the IRS. This can be a slow-moving process and therefore PushPay must wait for that to update in order to change our name on their platform. But, you can rest assured that your giving is indeed supporting Foundation Church (formerly Center Church). In the event you want more information, we undertand. Simply send an email to with any questions you have and we will respond as quickly as possible.